Enjoy your Buildings

Operations and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures can also benefit from digitally enabled practices for planning, reporting and upgrading. Modelical helps owners, facilities managers and investors in keeping the informational side of their buildings in shape.

Our Magic

The approach to operations changes radically when you realise how BIM, automation and interaction enable new ways of working with your information. We put all them together to improve documentation, planning and benchmarking your assets.

Key Benefits

A single source of truth

Say goodbye to scattered, unreliable information in your assets drawings and documents. We take care of your project information healthy and applicability in a way that suits your operations and maintenance. We’ll manage model updates and uses to ensure everything in your projects is OK and, if needed, we’ll create them from scratch.

Services:BIM Modelling | Data Management and Consistency | Software Development

Compare and Improve

When you have your buildings and assets described in a consistent, computational way, then they can be queried and compared in a more powerful manner. Dashboards, valuations, due diligence, estimates, everything is streamlined if your information is managed properly.

Services: BIM Standards | Software Development

The Right Information To Hand

What is the value of having the right information that you need for maintenance or layout changes available and on time? What would be the consequences of not having it? We’ll make sure the models that contain important information for your operations have the right data.

Services: BIM Managment | Software Development | Consistency Management

Plan and manage like in a Game

When you have a 3D BIM model of your building or infrastructure, you can begin to imagine you plan and modify it as if you were in a game, moving around and making decisions in a friendly, immersive environment, and that all those changes and data are connected with your BIM repositories. That’s our bet with SpacesVR.

Services: SpacesVR | Software Development | Interactive Modelling