Plan and control Security Layouts in realtime

Modelical develops tailored solutions for crowded place security visualisation and management, so everybody can enjoy the show safely.

Our Magic

Modelical has developed a customisable solution for Safety and Security Management to help you plan every single step of an event and control it in realtime.

Key Benefits

Security steward layout

With our 3D interactive tool, security managers are able to plan every single step of an event and it enables security steward to communicate with each other in a clear, concise way.

The customised avatars are useful when training your team and simulating different situations.

Services: SpacesVR | Security steward layout

Access Control

SpacesVR covers all your access control requirements. It receives real-time feedback, such as turnstile status and spectator flow.

In an emmergency, the software allows a security manager to open or close a turnstile, thus safely managing spectator flow.

Services: SpacesVR | Access Control

Wayfinding & Egress

Wayfinding & Egress provides you with a clear understanding of your stadium layout. This application enables each and every supporter to locate their seat with ease,via the website or a touch-screen information point.

Services: SpacesVR | Wayfinding & Egress