Enhance your ticket sales with SpacesVR

Modelical uses cutting edge technology to allow you have a virtual, real-time view from any given seat within the stadium.

Our Magic

Modelical has developed a customisable solution for Ticketing to help your supporters have a completely new experience, merging physical world and virtual models.

Key Benefits

Seat Selection

Through a virtual environment, season ticket holders and spectators have the chance to experience their exact sightline from any given seat prior to purchase.

It allows you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual experience, where users can fully interact and navigate through the stadium.

Services: SpacesVR | Seat Selection

Seat Transfer

SpacesVR lets you manage seating layout changes with total confidence and transparency.

With our Seat Transfer application members to have a virtual, real-time view from a new seat location, offering the possibility to compare alternative options and features.

Services: SpacesVR | Seat Transfer

Seat Mosaic Design

Seat Mosaic Design allows you to create coloured, mosaic seat patterns with just a drag and drop.

With our all-in-one application ticketing and event management are linked to create a streamlined transition from design to event.

Services: SpacesVR | Seat Mosaic Design

Sightline Evaluation

With sight-line evaluation service you can determine which seats may be compromised, due to camera placements and media aparatus.

Starting from the perfect sight-line of the playing field, SpacesVR can calculate the percentage of occlusion from any given seat.

Services: SpacesVR | Sightline Evaluation