Structures in Revit (V)

Modelling Beams

Before creating beams, you must add Grids and Columns. Beams are a component family which means that are created from a separate file and loaded into a model. Best practice to create a […]


Structures in Revit (VII)

Visualization and Schedules

In this Post we are going to talk about visualization of the model and quantities take-off by means of schedules: Visualization. Control of the model Have a look to these two images: […]


Structures in Revit (VI)

Tutorial: pyramidal pile family

In this Post we are going to create a pyramidal pile. First thing we have to do is list the parametric data we want: Top Width and Length Base Width […]


Structures in Revit (IV)

Modelling Shafts

When it comes to open voids in elements, Revit offers several options: Shaft, By Face, Wall,… They work nice but not nice enough. I am going to present you another […]


Structures in Revit (II)

Modelling Columns

First thing to do when starting a structure model is to create our project context setting up Datums, that is: Grids, Levels and Reference Planes. We read about that in […]


Structures in Revit (I)

Modelling Datums

First step when starting a new structure model is to set Grids, Levels and Reference Planes, which is known as Datum. That’s mandatory! Grids, Levels, and Reference Planes are the […]


Duplicate Revit sheets

Changing workset visibility in the views

With this piece of code you will be able to duplicate a sheet with all the views placed in it, rename the new sheet and the duplicated views, place the […]


Modelling Facades (II)

Visibility and deliverables

This guideline is created as an extension of the previous post Modeling of Facade Elements. Here we will talk about the visibility of the façade elements we have already created, and how we transform them into project deliverables.


Rename Line Patterns

Revit API

The following piece of code retrieves all line patterns matching a naming prefix and modifies their name. This code is an evolution of Matthew Nelson’s example. Thanks Matt!


Revit Graphics Appearance (III)

Visibility / Graphics Override by View

Choosing how we want to see elements. First of all I want to clarify that I’m speaking about visibility for construction views and not for presentation views, those will need […]