Modelical develops virtual reality and interaction solutions for the AEC industry. We believe in putting all the versatility and content of BIM and 3D models at the service of businesses and designers alike to help them make better, more informed decisions.

Interaction at the service of our built environment

Change the way you understand and interact with designs. Bring BIM models to live and make decisions based on experience. Walk through your virtual bulidings and infrastructure and adjust your project layout on the go. All this is possible with our vision and our products for interaction and virtual reality.

VR Design


Thoroughly test design options in an inmersive experience. Choose among a selection of alternative designs in the same virtual world at every stage of the project.

VR & Design
VR Operations


Take advantage of existing or ad-hoc BIM models and use them to conduct construction and operation activities. The interactive models streamline communications and decisions through graphics and easy to follow information.

VR & Operation
VR Showcase


Provide free-flow of information and minimise misinterpretation between participants of the project, specially between designers and client.

VR & Hospitality

Interaction Solutions

We combine our services, experience and expertise in special ways tailored to the needs of specific sectors. We apply our platform SpacesVR together with software development, plugins and algorithms to improve projects and support clients across several areas:


Sports & Stadiums

Business model feasibility, sightline check, grandstands design, preconstruction modelling, interactive operation planning…



Improved time to market, reduced store downtime, clearer stock management in platform that feeds your business intelligence…



Programme brief validation, absolute control of room sheets and costs, coordination issues mitigation, a base for facilities management…



Complex geometry under control. Cost, time, requirements and interface management. Systems integration and advaced reporting…


Our custom and adjustable tool takes advantage of BIM information models merging 3D navigation and venue planning with your business logic.

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Interaction Services

Survey and Modelling

Survey and Modelling

We take care of photographing, measuring and modelling your rooms and we take advantage of any pre-existing survey to speed-up the process.

Still & video visualization

Still & video visualization

We develop still and motion pictures using fast rendering techniques to help our customers get a precise idea of their design intention.

Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations

We generate powerful visual representations of any 2D/3D model, incorporating motion and interactive elements to achieve surprising peresentations.

360 Video & Panoram

360 Video & Panorama

We create panoramas and 360 videos to help understanding the qualities of a space. Users can look around and zoom in certain areas.

Virtual walk-through

Virtual walk-through

We develop virtual walk-throughs of your designs via different devices: headset, mobility, desktop and online.

Customised Applications

Customised Applications

We create customised applications to facilitate interactive design and virtual testing.