Modelical Package for Dynamo


In Modelical we have an obsession with information and its automated management. For this reason we are developing custom nodes for Dynamo and we wanted to share them with the whole community of people interested in these topics by sharing a Dynamo’s package.

Here’s a list of all nodes included in the package, with a link to their description and examples of use. Remember, to avoid problems it is recommended (required) to use an English version of Revit.

We keep developing more tools gradually, so don’t forget to stop by again and check the latest developments.


Delete Unused Filters Delete all unused filters in your project file.

Delete Unused ViewTemplates Delete all unused View Templates in your project file, except for 3D View Templates, as they cannot be converted to work with Dynamo yet.


Schedules exporter Batch export of schedules to CSV files.


Get Element Rotation Get the rotation of a family instance whose location is a point.

Room Location Centering Move room location point to its centroid. If centroid is located outside the room, location point stays at its origin coords. It’s a good tool for auto-tagging.

RoomTag to Room Location Move RoomTags to the location point of the room.

Room and Tag Location Centering Move room location point and its tag to its centroid. If centroid is located outside the room, location point stays at its origin coords.

rewrited and improved for Revit 2018 Wall Finishes by Room Place wall finishes with the info contained in room parameters.

Wall inserts Get all the inserts in a wall (windows, doors and openings).


new! Angle Between Vectors Returns the angle that forms a vector with another reference vector, clockwise and counterclockwise. The vectors are calculated in the XY plane.


new! Change duct/pipe fitting level Change the level of a pipe/duct fitting(s) to another one, modifying also its offset value.


deprecated Get Scope Boxes Get all the Scope Boxes in the project.


Disable/Enable Analytical Model Enable or disable the analytical model (True = Disable | False = Enable)


3D View by Workset Makes a new 3D view for each workset in the model, It leaves only one workset visible.

Apply ViewTemplate Apply ViewTemplate(s) to selected view(s).

CeilingPlan with ViewTemplate Create a new ceiling plan based on a level, with a ViewTemplate applied.

Color By Parameter Override elements graphics by param value without making view filters. You can also reset them with this node.

Duplicate view with ViewTemplate Create a new floor plan based on a level, with a ViewTemplate applied.

FloorPlan with ViewTemplate Create a new floor plan based on a level, with a ViewTemplate applied.

Get Views By Type Get all views in the project classified by type.

OverrideColorInView Full Improve the OOTB tool in Dynamo by adding a Fill Pattern option.

Remove Underlay Views Remove all the underlay views in a project.

Scope Boxes to views Create as many dependent view as needed to selected views and applies selected Scope Boxes.

You can make a combination of the above nodes to have your project ready for documentation


  1. Dear Frantxo,
    I am very interested in your dynamo package. I try to download some of sample files. However, it is found that some customer nodes are missing. The information of missing customer nodes is unknown and also not included in the sample package.

    Could you provide those missing customer node information for our testing?

    Best regards,
    T.W. Kwok

    1. Dear Tak,

      All the custom nodes that seem to be missing for you I think it’s because you haven’t downloaded the Modelical Package for Dynamo, because we don’t use any extra custom node.

      You just have to open Dynamo, go to Packages menu and click on Search for a Package. Wait until a new window loads, and packages are listed. Then, search for Modelical and download it clicking on the down arrow on the left-hand side.

      Kind regards,

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