BIM services

BIM Strategy and Management

Capabilities assessment, business model and its alignment with BIM, BIM execution plan writedown and review. Fear no more, BIM is our speciality.

BIM Training

Introductory and advanced courses: Revit Architecture, Strucutre and MEP. Navisworks with a special focus on project management. Dynamo including scripting. Rhinoceros and Grasshopper training at all levels. Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

BIM Modelling

Outsourcing services for all types of models and uses: coordination, quantities take-off, documentation, parametric or generative modelling, content and families creation.

BIM Support

On-site modelling and management assistance for project delivery. We integrate as part of your team to ensure meeting deadlines smoothly.

BIM Quality and Standards

We’ll help you develop your corporate and project templates, definitions and masterfiles. Automated and rule-based model checking with Solibri and custom tools will ensure everything stays in order.

Tender Support

BIM capabilities assesment and defense for tenders. Strategy and planning. Sourcing of specialists for complete tender and project support. We’ve got you covered.

BIM Plugin Development

Revit, Rhinoceros and Navisworks API development. We study your specific before creating tools that enhance your workflows and projects.

BIM Integration

Let’s connect your models with other sources of information to speed up scheduling, costing and reporting. Why bother moving data manually when we are here to help?

Interaction services

VR Strategy and Management

Let’s study together the way your business logic can benefit from 3d interaction and plan accordingly.

Survey and Modelling

If a BIM model is not available we’ll take care of scanning and modelling the whole environment, adding detail and functionality where needed. We use the latest techniques to disturb your organisation as little as possible.

Still & Video Visualization

Effective communication with images and videos rendered from your models, levarging all the information available through BIM.

Interactive Presentations

Present ideas and projects with in a stunning, interactive way. Leverage mobile apps and web technologies to share your designs and intentions with rich information and context.

360ยบ Media

Complement you interactive applications with rich, real media that surrounds you.

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Discuss your designs and ideas inmersively, test variations and materials, decide on the spot, with confidence.

Automation services

Automation Strategy and Management

Let’s look for areas of improvement together. We’ll examine your organisation at project and corporate level with productivity and consistency in mind.

Plug-in Development

Your tools only take you so far. We can help enhancing and extending them with plug-ins and connections to third party software. Builders start by building their tools.

Workflow Optimisation

Why suffering moving information across platforms and applications manually? Let’s me the computer work for you and not the other way around.

Web Applications

The web is the platform of tomorrow. Start today by consuming your data and models through the browser and empower your team with a friendlier and simpler access.

Desktop Applications

Benefit from uncompromised power with applications developed from scratch or on top of game engines.


Ensure you always have the right piece of information to hand. Leverage IFC and other BIM formats and take the same approach to all your business areas.