Structures in Revit (VI)

Tutorial: pyramidal pile family

In this Post we are going to create a pyramidal pile. First thing we have to do is list the parametric data we want:

  • Top Width and Length
  • Base Width and Length
  • Slope of pile
  • Top z
  • Base z
  • Height
  • Azimuth

Column will be created as an extrusion. But it must be an extrusion that allows using profile families. That way we will be able to manage dimensions and angle rotation (azimuth). Let’s prepare that Profile Family:

  1. Use a Metric Profile family template to create the profile for the extrusion
  2. Create a square centred in the Main Reference Planes and add two parameters to control Width and Length of it. It’s not needed to be shared parameters.

Now we start with the pile family:

  1. I like to start using a Metric Generic Model family template, afterwards I will change Category into Structural Columns.
  2. Go to the Front View and repeat what is shown in the picture. The aim of all that Reference Planes and Parameters is to allow entering a negative number in the Z Base dimension. All that parameters must be shared parameters. Post_05_01
  3. Create a Swept extrusion, first enter the path and then select the Profile Family you have done previously. Post_05_02
  4. To control dimensions we have to create two Types of the Profile Family one for the top and one the base, and also create de 4 parameters that we are going to link to the profiles. That parameters must be shared parameters. Then going to the Project Browser select one profile and with right-click menu select Type Properties, there link Length and Width Family Profile parameters with Top or Base Length and Width shared parameters. Then you will have to edit the extrusion and choose the right Type for each profile. Post_05_03
  5. Now we’re going to control the rotation of the pile. Select the extrusion and in the Properties Windows will appear both profiles, link angle parameter with angle shared parameter. Direction of angle depends on direction of creation of the path. Post_05_04
  6. It’s time to calculate Base Width and Length depending on Height and Slope:

    Create a new subcategory for the pile. First go to Family Category and Parameters and select Structural Column and verify is not selected Work Plane Based. Then you can go to Object Styles and create a new subcategory. The only thing last is to select the extrusion and choose in its properties the new subcategory.

    Post_05_06 Post_05_05
  7. Family is done, now you have to check it. The result is a pile to be locate always in Level 0, it’s with Z Top and Base parameters that we control its Z position. (maybe you should have to change some parameters from Type parameters to Instance parameters).